New York Times

"Mr. Sullivan’s good-natured folksiness set the stage . . . a guitar-strumming Oklahoma cowboy who led the audience in a jubilant singalong of “This Land Is Your Land.” He preceded it with a rhymed catalog of the names of his 100 biggest musical influences, spanning every genre . . . during the opening concert of the 23rd New York Cabaret Convention at the Rose Theater, Jazz at Lincoln Center, gave this annual convocation a reviving shot of adrenaline."

Backstage Magazine

"Tim Sullivan is one of those titan talents disguised as a good old boy."

La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts

 "Tim Sullivan is a true thoroughbred entertainer with more charisma and energy than any one performer should be allowed to possess."

Brownville Concert Series

"Tim's talent is a rare find for our concert series as he brings several musical traditions together in a wonderful voice...he gently embraces the audience and keeps them with him throughout the musical journey."

Oklahoma University

"What a talent! His way of telling stories through songs is something almost any music school could learn from."

Women Around Town/NYC

"His vocals are genuine, unembellished, intrinsically elegant, and sweet as all get out."